Three takeaways from Congress’s ability to avoid a shutdown — this time around, at least

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How did an annual report to Congress become the State of the Union address, a formal state occasion? We discuss.

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The Senate and intelligence community rebuked Trump on national security this week. Here’s why that matters — a lot.

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Why the shutdown ended — and what to watch for now

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What will it take to end the shutdown? Watch these three things.

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The shutdown is just the finale. Here are five takeaways from the Republican Congress’s chaotic 2018.

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Three reasons you should be startled by how the Senate rebuked Trump

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Here are 4 things to expect from a new, Trumpier, more polarized Congress

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4 reasons why the Kavanaugh hearings have become a stalled tropical storm

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Immigration boiled over last week. Here’s what Congress did — and why.

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