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Video of the Roundtable on the 2012 Election, featuring Ezra Klein and Nate Silver

May 21 '13

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Here is a video of the roundtable I mentioned previously, which attracted a big crowd at the Annual Meeting of the Midwest Political Science Association back in April.  This was filmed with a Macbook positioned out in the audience, so the audio and video quality is not great.  I apologize for that.  But turn the volume up and you should be able to hear most everything.<br>
To orient you, here is the line-up from left to right: John Sides (moderator), Larry Bartels, Nate Silver, Ezra Klein, Simon Jackman, Lynn Vavreck, and Drew Linzer.  The initial minute or so of the video — in which I introduced Larry — is cut off.  The video begins with my introduction of Nate.<br>
After the introductions, the first question is asked first of Larry and then we move down the row, with each person chiming in — if that helps match voices to blurry faces.  For example, you’ll hear Nate wishing the 2012 election had featured a depression and a Gingrich nomination, Ezra saying that he learned not to mess with Nate, and Simon saying that we should “maintain our rage.”<br>
This was a really fun and interesting conversation, and I thank all the panelists — and especially Nate and Ezra — for participating.