Ongoing events in Watertown and Cambridge, MA

Apr 19 '13

In the unlikely event that any of our readers look at The Monkey Cage and no other internet news sources before leaving for work in the morning, I just wanted to advised readers in the vicinity of Watertown and Cambridge to check the news before going out, as the police are advising people in certain areas to stay home due to the events of the last few hours regarding what now looks like attempts to apprehend the Boston Marathon bombers (see here, here, and here).

If you are looking for sources of news about the event beyond the usual suspects, here are a few suggestions:

  • Search Twitter using the #Watertown hashtag
  • The Boston Police police scanner can apparently be accessed here, although I haven’t been able to do so from out of the country (h/t to Rob Mickey, who has been posting a lot of info on his Facebook feed)
  • Follow @GlobeJenPeter, who is the Metro Editor at the Boston Globe
  • Channel 5 in Boston has a live video news feed, that can be viewed from out of the country.  (h/t to Rebecca Weitz-Shapiro)

Feel free to use the comments section to list other sources of information.


A couple updates from CNN that might be of use to our readers: Harvard University is currently closed; classes at MIT are cancelled today, and area mass transit has apparently been suspended.  Now CNN reporting that Boston University, Emerson College, and Boston College area also closed.