Campaigns and elections

Michael’s a Republican, Susan’s a Democrat

Andrew Gelman Oct 2 '12

Chris Wilson parsed the Federal Election Commission database by first name:

(Click to get to the interactive version, also don’t forget to click on the dot in the lower-right to arrange by money.)

It’s no surprise that men give more to Republicans and women to Democrats, or that the average contribution to a Republican has a larger dollar value than the average contribution to a Democrat, nor perhaps should we be surprised that “Tom” splits his support between the two parties while “Thomas” is a strong Republican. Still, it’s fun to see the data.

Overall, I think this graph understates contributions to Republicans because it doesn’t include those new super-pacs.

P.S. I found the link from Jay Livingston so I looked up Jay. $320,000 to Democrats, $570,000 to Republicans. Andrews are much more closely split, at $1.3 million for each party.