Is the Republican Party Brand Keeping Obama Afloat?

Oct 31 '12

Tom Holbrook:

bq. …throughout this campaign period the Democratic Party has been viewed more positively than the Republican Party.  In fact, there is not a single poll in this series in which the Republican party registered a net positive rating, and not a single case in which the net Republican rating was higher than the net Democrat rating.  The average net rating for the Republican Party in this series is -13, whereas the average for the Democratic Party is +.3.  To be sure, the net rating for the Democratic Party is sometimes in the negative, and the gap toward the end of the series is not as great as it was in the wake of the Democratic convention, but it is clear that the Democrats hold an advantage on this front…

bq. … Is this what’s keeping a president with tepid approval numbers and a still-sluggish economy afloat?

More, including data on party identification, at his post.