Election Reports

Request for Election Reports Authors

Joshua Tucker Sep 4 '12

Some exciting news regarding our Election Reports series: we have now officially entered into a partnership with the journal Electoral Studies. The agreement covers two areas. First, authors who write “Notes on Recent Elections” for the journal will also be encouraged to write Election Reports for The Monkey Cage, which should bring us additional content here. Second, Electoral Studies will provide links back to these reports from their website, which should bring more readers for anyone who writes Election Reports for The Monkey Cage.

To be clear, none of this changes the fact that we will still post election reports through the normal mechanism, namely simply contacting me and telling me you would like to write a report. We can have more than one report per election, and by no means are the new authors coming our way via Electoral Studies likely to cover all of the election in which we are interested. Thus I continue to need volunteers to write these reports.

As I laid out in the first post announcing these reports, the idea here is to get real-time analysis (within the first day or two of an election) from a political scientist who is following that election closely because of his or her research. But we do need volunteers to do this, and currently I do not have anyone lined up for elections in the next few months. So here’s a list of upcoming elections. Please email me at joshua dot tucker at nyu dot edu if you are interested in writing guest posts about any of these elections. We are also happy to have pre-election reports as well.


Upcoming Elections

12 September: NetherlandsParliament

23 September: BelarusParliament

1 October: GeorgiaParliament

7 October: VenezuelaPresident

14 October: LithuaniaParliament and nuclear power referendum

14 October: MontenegroParliament

20 October: IcelandConstitutional referendum

28 October: UkraineParliament

30 October: VanuatuParliament

October: CubaParliament

October: Czech RepublicSenate (a third of the seats)

October 2012 to February 2013: PR ChinaNational People’s Congress

October: TogoParliament

6 November: PalauPresident and Parliament

6 November: Puerto RicoStatus referendum

6 November: United StatesPresidentHouse of RepresentativesSenate (OK, don’t really need reports for this one – I assume my co-authors on the blog will have it covered!)

11 November: SloveniaPresident

17 November: Sierra LeonePresident and Parliament

22 November: NepalConstituent Assembly

2 December: Burkina FasoParliament

7 December: GhanaPresident (1st round)

9 December: RomaniaParliament

19 December: South KoreaPresident

28 December: GhanaPresident (2nd round) and Parliament

December: BermudaParliament

December: BhutanNational Council