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Electoral Integrity Project Requests Beta Testers of Expert Survey

Sep 3 '12

Pippa Norris sends along the following announcement:


We are in the process of developing a new survey monitoring expert Perceptions of Electoral Integrity (PEI) and we need your help!

The survey plans to contact c.40 experts immediately after each national election (constituent assembly, presidential or parliamentary) to gather views about these contests. Experts will be drawn from many different fields, such as scholars, lawyers, election officials and journalists familiar with elections. We will seek a balance of local residents and international experts and we will aim to achieve c.25 replies per country, working with international agencies and regional networks to identify email contacts for suitable experts. The survey is planned to be repeated after each national contest. The aggregate results for each country will be published via the project website, broken down by question category, as well as through a standardized index measuring Perceptions of Electoral Integrity. National coverage is planned to be global. Over time, as results accumulate, we hope that this will generate valuable information for the research and policy-making communities.

It would be greatly appreciated if colleagues could look briefly at the beta testing version of the survey and if you could send us comments.

Colleagues may want to try completing the survey, to see if it works for the last election held in each country, or alternatively just send any criticisms, feedback, and ideas to . Either way, we would greatly appreciate hearing your advice, no matter how critical. We want to develop the right instrument. Opportunities to comment on the beta testing process will close by 1st October 2012. The survey fieldwork will start in January 2013 and the preliminary results will be evaluated at the Electoral Integrity Project’s next annual workshop, to be held at Harvard 3-4th June 2012.

We look forward to hearing from you. In addition, several new draft papers are also now available for comment via the website

Pippa Norris (Harvard University and the University of Sydney), Andrew Reynolds (University of North Carolina) and Jorgen Elklit (Aarhus University)