Perspectives on Politics: New Orleans Issue and Panel

Aug 26 '12

The new issue of Perspectives on Politics is now available. It’s intended to tie in with the APSA meeting next week, and has a particular focus on New Orleans, with articles by former _Perspectives editors_ Jennifer Hochschild and Jim Johnson, as well as pieces by Kevin Fox Gotham, Michael Dawson, William Paul Simmons and Monica Casper and Simon Stow. _Perspectives_ is also organizing an APSA panel on “Perspectives on New Orleans and the Politics of Reconstruction: A Discussion of Perspectives on Politics with the Editors,” on Friday, August 31, from 4:15-6:00 pm in Sheraton Rhythm 1. I’ll be one of the participants in the panel – I’m an associate editor of _Perspectives_, and would like to invite Monkey Cage readers to come along – there will be a reception afterwards with wine, beer and finger food.