Free Access to Ethics and International Affairs Special Issue on Global Poverty

Jul 18 '12

When I was about to leave for college, my father was excitedly looking through my course catalogue for the coming year when he came across a class entitled “Ethics and International Affairs”. Without missing a beat, he looked up at me and said “well, I imagine that will be a pretty short class….”

It is thus with a bit of nostalgia that I am pleased to note, in line with The Monkey Cage’s consistent embrace of publishers offering open access to scholarly research, that the journal Ethics & International Affairs (vol. 26.2), guest edited by Thomas Pogge and Luis Cabrera, has released a special issue on combatting global poverty. Cambridge Journals is providing free access to the journal for 30 days here.  According to the email announcement I received:

Issue contributors include philosophers, development specialists, and political scientists, hailing from institutions around world including Oxford, Yale, Oxfam, the UK House of Lords, and more.

Articles include…