Political science

Threatened Amendment to Defund Political Science

May 9 '12

“APSA warns”:http://www.apsanet.org/content_80787.cfm?navID=723 that Jeff Flake (R: Arizona) may introduce an amendment to the NSF funding bill today, to defund political science.

bq. Flake may introduce the amendment as early as tomorrow Wednesday May 9th. Please take steps right away that you feel appropriate to alert your Congressional Relations staff and to contact your Representative not to cut political science funding at NSF. APSA will forward more information as we can obtain it.

Let me re-iterate the appeal to contact your representatives (if we have any readers in Flake’s district, it would be especially helpful), and also ask those of you with blogs or a media presence to talk about this continuing, and quite bizarre set of attacks on political science.