The American Prospect’s Fundraising Effort

May 16 '12

As you may know, The American Prospect is in somewhat dire financial straits and is doing some emergency fundraising. As I mentioned previously, they also syndicate content from The Monkey Cage (with no financial benefit for us).  So I thought it appropriate to highlight their situation, since the Prospect’s demise would, among other things, reduce the number of people who see our content, and thereby perhaps reduce the penetration of the political science research that we highlight into non-academic circles.

Obviously, the liberal politics of the Prospect are not those of this blog, which strives to be non-partisan, nor are they the politics of every reader of this blog.  I also want to emphasize that we are ecumenical about syndication.  If the National Review wanted to syndicate our content, I’d be happy for them to do it.  And if the National Review then had similar financial woes, I’d write as post like this one.

With those caveats stated, if you feel moved to support the Prospect for whatever reason, that will help The Monkey Cage continue to reach a broader audience.