Political science

Political scientists in public debate

Henry Farrell Feb 29 '12

At the Monkey Cage, we tend to talk about specific political science _research findings_ But it’s at the least plausibly useful to link to political scientists who build out from their research to engage in more general kinds of public debate. To that end, I’ll try to do some occasional posts with links to recent (or at least, recent-ish) interventions by political scientists in public argument.

(1) Jeff Isaac on “changing conceptions of democracy”:http://kulturaliberalna.pl/2012/02/07/a-democracy-the-democracy-or-liberal-democracy%C2%B9/.

(2) Kathryn Sikkink, “talking about her recent book”:http://harpers.org/archive/2011/11/hbc-90008315, _The Justice Cascade_.

(3) Daron Acemoglu (economist) and James Robinson (political scientist) on “Capture and Anti-Capture in US politics”:http://econ-www.mit.edu/files/7623 (also, see the blog for their “forthcoming book”:http://whynationsfail.com/).

Nominations for other public interventions welcome via email.