Charles Murray on the new upper class

1. I was unfair to call him a Tucker Carlson.

2. Murray talks a lot about upper-class liberals. That’s fine but I think his discussion would be improved by also considering upper-class conservatives, given that I see the big culture war occurring within the upper class.

3. Using the case of Joe Paterno as an example, I discuss why Murray’s “preach what you practice” advice could be difficult to carry out in practice.

Details here.

One Response to Charles Murray on the new upper class

  1. Tom February 16, 2012 at 1:04 pm #

    Does Murray talk about “upper-class liberals,” or does he more accurately only talk about *white* upper-class liberals? I thought he wasn’t concerned with non white people. It’s a book that’s only about “white America,” right? (Side question: Is this based on self-reported ethnicity from census data?) Thanks.