Sep 8 '11

YSPR O'Reilly Stewart CCES

Hi everyone, as John Sides has already written, my name is Jonathan Robinson, and I’m an undergraduate in political science here at GW. I will be writing up a couple of regular posts here at The Monkey Cage. I hope you enjoy them.

Source: Matthew Dickensons blog, You Study Politics, Right? Data: Cooperative Congressional Election Study. The graph aggregates respondents by age (the thickness of the data points) and party identification (the color, ranging from red to blue).

A few observations.  There is the obvious negative correlation: viewers who like Jon Stewart tend not to like Bill O’Reilly.  Not surprising, of course.   More interesting: there are lots of people who love Stewart, giving him really high ratings, but fewer who love O’Reilly.  Among O’Reilly’s rabid supporters, more have middle-of-the-road feelings toward Stewart than very unfavorable feelings.  Age seems to have little to do with feelings toward either pundit.