Checking in on Site Redesign

May 9 '11

We are a week into this new version of The Monkey Cage, which, as I mentioned earlier, is now being hosted on WordPress.  We know there are still a few kinks to work out — e.g., dead links to graphs in these posts. I would appreciate any further feedback from readers about what they like or dislike.

I would also like to thank Cord Blomquist (professional site; personal blog) who did the migration and assisted with the redesign. (Cord was also responsible for similar work at Marginal Revolution.)  See here for more on his services with regard to migration to WordPress from Movable Type or Typepad.  Under Cord’s steady hand, the migration was pretty much seamless and he helped us understand a lot about how to optimize the site for search engines as well as several other nuances.

If any blog authors have similar needs, we highly recommend Cord.  Let him know The Monkey Cage sent you.

Again, if anyone has feedback about the site, please let us know in comments.