Good Comprehensive Book on East European Politics?

Aug 20 '10

My friend – and resident “Monkey Cage Slovakia expert”:https://themonkeycage.local/2010/07/2010_slovak_parliamentary_elec.html – “Kevin Deegan Krause”:http://www.pozorblog.com/ writes with the following question:

bq. I have decided at the last minute to tear apart my standard East European Politics syllabus root and branch and start over. There are lots of great readings but I am looking for a single book or pair of books that I could put at the core to orient my students to the region in a way that will make sense to them. I’d like something that is fairly comprehensive and yet also fairly basic. Something with historical perspective and attention to broader concepts of nationalism, Marxism, liberalism would be a plus. I realize that I am asking the impossible, but I’d be happy to get 30% of what I’m looking for. Any suggestions?

I hope that by now The Monkey Cage has at least some regular readers from the post-communist politics sub-field, so I thought I’d throw the question out for suggestions. But in a larger sense, I think this is perhaps an area in which a blog like the Money Cage can play an additional helpful role for scholars, by serving as a forum where we exchange these kinds of requests for suggestions about relevant literature.