Political Cleavages

Henry Farrell Aug 25 '09

“Eric Langenbacher”: has an interesting post on campaign poster styles in Germany at the AICGS blog on the upcoming German election.

bq. German campaigns are witty–especially evident in campaign posters–that have a long and artful tradition in that country. … This year already has not disappointed. My favorite (thus far) is CDU candidate Vera Lengsfeld’s poster showing her and Chancellor Merkel in cleavage-revealing décolletage–with the caption “wir haben mehr zu bieten” (we have more to offer). See The Telegraph. Although criticized by some feminists and others, no one seems to have a problem with the amount of flesh revealed. This poster would be absolutely unthinkable in the still prudish US of A.

Here’s the actual poster:


As Eric says, this poster would be a complete non-starter in any US election campaign. Is that a good or bad thing? Discuss.