Data Available

John Sides Apr 14 '09

Via email:

bq. The Center for Responsive Politics, the D.C. watchdog group that produces the popular website, has made its vast money-in-politics databases fully and freely downloadable for non-commercial purposes. With today’s announcement, skilled data-divers can explore the information that’s already aggregated on to its full depth. Scholars, Web developers and database experts can grab federal money-in-politics data that CRP’s researchers have standardized and coded by industry, and mash it up with other data sets. Timelines, charts, maps, other graphics and mobile applications are just some of the projects that could result — all powered by CRP’s unparalleled data. For non-commercial uses, all the Center asks for in return is attribution and links back to its site. Read more about OpenSecrets OpenData here. And dive into the data here.