Around the Polisci Blogosphere

This is the inaugural post in what we hope will be a weekly feature, highlighting interesting posts from blogs written by political scientists or by people in sister disciplines that bear directly on topical political issues.   The posts will therefore be a bit more focused than the polyglot assortment in our typical “potpourri.”  Assisting us with this feature is Bennett Butler, a Princeton University undergraduate in the Department of Politics.  We’re glad to have his help.

  • Stephen Walt: Will the internet make democracies more like dictatorships, and vice versa?

  • Jay Ulfelder: Why Egyptian politics is like a truel.  (That’s not a typo.)

  • Lionel Beehner: Do presidential administrations really have “bandwidth”?

  • Richard Pildes: The secret to reforming the VRA

  • Eric Ostermeier: Everything you’d ever want to know about Senate special elections


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