Margaret Thatcher Has Died

Breaking news from Britain brings word of the death of former Prime Minister (later Baroness) Margaret Thatcher at age 87. Battles over her legacy are already being renewed—see ongoing coverage in the UK from the right, from The Telegraph, and from the left, from The Guardian.

One Response to Margaret Thatcher Has Died

  1. Andrew Rudalevige April 8, 2013 at 10:08 am #

    Wanted to add a quick contrasting posts from The Guardian’s ‘live blog’ of British reaction (the Telegraph site has something similar) —

    “This is what Ernesto Alberto Alonso,president of the national commission of ex combatants of the Malvinas, said: “Like any person when someone dies, I started to reflect on the achievements and faults of the Prime Minister. She was a person who caused not only great harm domestically but also internationally. I will always think of her as a leader who brought no contributions to world peace. In many ways, I think she was similar to the military dictatorship here, and in particular Galtieri. She will be remembered as a leader who gave nothing positive to the human kind”.”

    “Reaction from the Falkland Islands. My colleague Jon Watts has managed to speak to Rosie King, a Falkland Islander who has lived in Port Stanley since before the 1982 war.

    Like many on the island – which celebrates Thatcher Day every 10 January – King sees Thatcher as a heroine. “She was probably the number one person in our history. We received this news with great sadness even though it was expected because we knew she was very poorly….I was 25 at the time of the war. It was mind-blowing when we heard on the radio that Thatcher would send a taskforce. When she arrived afterwards, it was like a visit from the Queen.””