Continuing conflict over conflict statistics

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Mike Spagat sends along a serious presentation with an ironic title:


He’ll be speaking on it at tomorrow’s meeting of the Catastrophes and Conflict Forum of the Royal Society of Medicine in London.

2 Responses to Continuing conflict over conflict statistics

  1. LFC April 13, 2013 at 3:55 pm #

    It might be worth underlining that, as this post’s title suggests, the question of how many deaths the conflict in DRCongo produced has long been contentious. Spagat’s criticism of the IRC figure has been made before. See e.g. this comment in an old Crooked Timber thread, where I quote a relevant passage from J. Goldstein’s ‘Winning the War on War’:

    Another commenter, one novakant, replied to me:

    And I replied to novakant:

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