Politics Everywhere: Drinking in State College, PA, on St. Patrick’s Day

Nearly three dozen downtown bars, restaurants and beer shops have agreed to halt alcohol sales to counter an early St. Patrick’s Day celebration created by Penn State students, the most aggressive effort yet to curb drinking for the unofficial holiday known as State Patty’s Day.

In exchange, each business will receive a $5,000 subsidy to help account for lost revenue. A committee composed of university and community leaders announced the plan Tuesday and listed 34 businesses that it said supported this Saturday’s “alcohol-free zone.”

Every downtown establishment that sells alcohol will refrain from doing so Saturday, said Damon Sims, university vice president of student affairs and co-chairman of a committee known as the Partnership: Campus & Community United Against Dangerous Drinking. The majority of the funds to pay for the subsidies to businesses would come from campus parking fees collected during previous State Patty’s Day weekends, he said.

Article here.  Hat tip to Chris Zorn.

2 Responses to Politics Everywhere: Drinking in State College, PA, on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Phil Schrodt February 21, 2013 at 1:55 pm #

    To clarify: “State Patty’s Day” is a student-initiated “drinking holiday” that is distinct from the religio-ethnic holiday “St. Patrick’s Day,” which celebrates the vaunted accomplishments of one [or more likely two] early Christian missionaries who successfully banished snakes from an island which in all likelihood did not have them in the first place.

    “State Patty’s Day” features some students, and a large number of people from out of town, who commence a pattern of public intoxication starting around 7 a.m. This should not be confused with football weekends, where an estimated 200,000 people descend upon this bucolic little burg and commence a pattern of public intoxication starting around 6 a.m. The desire to promote the latter behavior has invoked a high level of conflict between our governor, legislature and the NCAA. The only thing the football institution has in common with the institution established by “St. Patrick” is, well, perhaps you’ve heard, serial pedophilia.

    In terms of drinking, the bars will almost certainly by open on the actual St. Patrick’s Day in March and the likes of Miller and Coors will make vast sums selling carbonated goat droll tinted with food coloring.

    • mike February 22, 2013 at 2:37 pm #

      Very droll linkage between church and State-College.

      But I quibble and request that two corrections are needed.
      1) It’s ‘goat drool’ and
      2) I presume you mean to refer to the “likes of MillerCoors and InBev”since Miller and Coors are now under the same ownership.

      It is unfortunate that these two companies own almost all the beer making capacity in the world. Even some that is dedicated to non-goat-drool beers. The next test for students of beer (but most likely NOT students at PSU and let’s not even talk about the non-students celebrating at Happy Valley) is to identify the brands from these two behemoths which are not ‘goat drool’.