The academic clock

Daniel Drezner tweets:

I know what he means, but . . . the flip side of this is that academic publishing is so slow that many of my 2012 publications will in fact appear in 2013. I could sit on my butt and do nothing for the next 364 days and I’d still have a nicely productive year, on paper. And in a pleasant bit of time averaging, some of these already finished projects might not even show up until 2014!

One Response to The academic clock

  1. Paul Cairney January 1, 2013 at 6:40 pm #

    This is a good mentality to some extent; if you feel you are behind, push yourself to ‘catch up’. I tricked myself in that way for 8 years. Now that I have reached full professorial status, I am feeling good about myself, which probably makes me harder to fool. Sadly, my 2013 articles may all appear in January, so the pressure will be back on soon.