• Pacific Standard magazine—formerly Miller-McCune—is well worth reading for its focus on scientifically oriented policy reporting.  Here, for example, is a post on Michael Tesler’s research on racism in the age of Obama.
  • New Republic interview with Obama.  He still seems to think more bully pulpit in his second term will help.  My previous thoughts here.

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  1. Luis January 27, 2013 at 3:58 pm #

    Re: bully pulpit, what else would you have him say, assuming he wants to advance his agenda? The obvious answer would be “reform the filibuster”, but that ship has sailed (honestly, probably sailed ages ago when Harry Reid was first selected to ‘lead’ Senate Democrats). So what is left, assuming he has no miracle powder to make House R’s sane? I agree that the bully pulpit is unlikely to reap any significant rewards, but I don’t see what other options he has at this point, especially if (as he points out) using executive power directly is unlikely to create long-term solutions.