Albert Hirschman has died

by Henry Farrell on December 11, 2012 · 4 comments

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News via Dani Rodrik on Twitter. He was a great economist, whose influence was nonetheless far greater outside his academic specialization than inside it. Exit, Voice and Loyalty is the book that will be remembered, but his essays gathered in Rival Views of Market Society and other volumes glistened with insights and were wonderfully written to boot. His book on National Power and the Structure of Foreign Trade, which turned his empirical work on how the Nazis reshaped trade relations to their own advantage is less influential than it deserves to be, because it is so hard to get, but nonetheless had substantial influence on the field of international relations. I don’t know enough to say much about his work on development, except that people who know more than me took it seriously. He deserves a good biography – his life was nearly as extraordinary as his thought.


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