Tweeting Monkeys

As Twitter becomes an increasingly important part of politics, political analysis, and blogging, we thought we would take just a moment to update you on Twitter and The Monkey Cage.

The Monkey Cage has its own twitter account: @monkeycageblog. If you follow this account (and many of you already do), you will get an automated tweet for every Monkey Cage post. John manages this twitter feed, so you will also get any additional information that John decides to tweet or retweet.

However, a number of us also have our own Twitter accounts. I’m listing them below – the links will take you to that person’s Twitter homepage where you can sign up to follow his or her account:

Henry Farrell: @henryfarrell
John Sides: @monkeycageblog
Andrew Gellman: @StatModeling
Joshua Tucker: @j_a_tucker

Sarah Binder: @bindersab
Erica Chenoweth: @EricaChenoweth
Greg Koger: @GregoryKoger
Jay Lyall: @jaylyall_red5
Nolan McCarty: @Nolan_Mc
Hans Noel: @Student
Andrew Rudalevige: @rudalev

One Response to Tweeting Monkeys

  1. Paul Gronke November 25, 2012 at 5:41 pm #

    Better still, MonkeyCage should have it’s own list of these names that a user can subscribe to in one fell swoop. Kyle Saunders currently has such a list with most of these names on it.

    p.g. @gronke of course.