A Little Pre-Election Day Reading

Courtesy of the new issue of The Forum (gated, alas):

If Everyone Votes Their Party,  Why Do Presidential Election Outcomes Vary So Much?
Shaw, Daron

The Disappearing—but Still Important—Swing Voter
Mayer, William G.

Incumbent and Party Vulnerabilities in the House of Representatives
Lin, Jing / Stonecash, Jeff M.

Political Ideology in American Politics: One, Two, or None?
Carmines, Edward G. / Ensley, Michael J. / Wagner, Michael W.

Voting vs. Thinking:  Unified Partisan Voting Does Not Imply Unified Partisan Beliefs
Pope, Jeremy C.

Independent Leaners as Policy Partisans:  An Examination of Party Identification and Policy Views
Magleby, David B. / Nelson, Candice

Independent Leaners:  Ideals, Myths, and Reality
Norpoth, Helmut / Velez, Yamil

Polarization and the Fiscal Future of the United States
Bafumi, Joseph


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  1. eric November 5, 2012 at 12:36 pm #

    man, it’s too bad that’s gated. I want all of that.