International Relations Blogger Awards

Dan Nexon and the other folks at The Duck of Minerva are organizing an ISA award and reception for blogging in international relations

The staff of the Duck of Minerva is very pleased to announce: (1) the first-ever blogging reception at the International Studies Association (ISA) annual convention; and (2) the Online Achievement in International Studies (OAIS) Awards.
Thanks to the generous support of SAGE and the efforts of SAGE editor David Mainwaring, we will be hosting a reception at the 2013 International Studies Association Annual Convention in San Francisco. Details to follow in updates, but the reception is scheduled for the night of Thursday, April 4th. A number of prominent bloggers will give brief Ignite-style presentations—verbal versions of blog posts, if you will. The current schedule includes Dan Drezner, Erica Chenoweth, Robert Farley, and Steve Walt.
At the 2013 reception we will announce the winners of the first-ever Online Achievements in International Studies Awards. For 2013 there will be five awards:

  • Special Achievement in International-Studies Blogging;
  • Best Blog (Group) in International Studies;
  • Best Blog (Individual) in International Studies;
  • Best Blog Post in International Studies; and
  • Most Promising New Blog (Group or Individual) in International Studies.
We intend for each of these awards – with the exception of the “Special Achievement” category – to become an annual institution. The “Special Achievement” award will be awarded at the discretion of the Duck of Minerva staff. More about the awards below the fold. This same information is collected here (the link is also on the menu bar). UPDATE: Nominations should be logged on this post.

More information available at the post …

2 Responses to International Relations Blogger Awards

  1. J October 24, 2012 at 1:22 pm #

    Further proof that Henry does not read all the posts on this blog :p

  2. LFC October 24, 2012 at 8:15 pm #

    It would have been more polite and less snarky to say that Erik Voeten beat Henry to it but that there is nothing wrong with occasional repetition, since not all readers (never mind authors) read every post.