Have the Republicans Fought to a Draw on Medicare?

One Response to Have the Republicans Fought to a Draw on Medicare?

  1. Nadia Hassan August 28, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    I just wanted to note work on framing from WSJ/NBC and Democracy Corps. These data that test attacks and counter-attacks suffer from the same basic problem of ice cubes and blizzards. However, since it is a Democratic group testing out language Democratic candidates are being advised to employ, I think it does deserve noting. Moreover, Democracy Corps found that the Obamacare attack didn’t seem to move voters *that* much.


    It also deserves noting your key point about issues and trade-offs. Medicare was powerful, but other attacks like middle class taxes, Medicaid, and health care were as well.

    Also, in this bipartisan poll for WSJ/NBC, the GOP argument lost by double digits in contrast to the rough parity in the Resurgent Republic poll.