Most useless college majors

by Henry Farrell on April 24, 2012 · 11 comments

in Education,Political Science and Journalism

Via Catherynne Valente (novelist – and also the daughter of a political scientist) on teh Twitter, US News and World Report comes up with a new linkbaiting exercise (yes – it worked, sort of), describing “political science and government” as the thirteenth most useless major. Me, if I were trying to categorize the “thirteen most useless professionals in the media industry,” I’d rank the person who did the research for this one, and identified “political scientis” [sic] as the occupation most plausibly related to a political science degree as number 13. Number 12 would be the sub-editor who let the spelling of political scientis slip by. The coveted first to the eleventh most useless professionals slots would, of course, be reserved for individuals associated with the steaming methodological turdfest (I use the term here in its narrow technical sense) that is the US News and World Report annual college survey.


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