Mitt Romney’s Tax Problem

Over at Model Politics, Lynn Vavreck, Josh, and I have a new post on Mitt Romney’s tax problem.  The problem for Romney, we argue, is that many Americans think he doesn’t pay his fair share.  And when we actually told respondents Romney’s tax rate, those who thought he doesn’t pay his fair share became more likely to say that he doesn’t care about “people like me.”  See the post for more explanation and several other findings.

One Response to Mitt Romney’s Tax Problem

  1. Tax Relief - Middle Class January 31, 2012 at 6:15 pm #

    Very interesting post! It clearly illustrate the divide thats happening in this country, this gap is growing each year and thus causing the middle class to pay more taxes which eventually lead to the rise in Tax Problems and Tax Debt for millions of of tax payers making under 75k. I really hope this congress adhere to what the american people are say.