The Monkey Cage @ The American Prospect

The American Prospect has begun syndicating content from The Monkey Cage on their newly redesigned website.  You’ll see us listed on their homepage at right; clicking that there takes you to a dedicated page for Monkey Cage content.  They even gave us a new logo that looks more like an actual monkey.  Obviously, if you regularly read The Monkey Cage via our own homepage or via RSS, there is no need to go to the Prospect.  However, we hope that this relationship—as in our relationships with The Washington Monthly’s Ten Miles Square blog, the Encyclopedia Britannica’s blog, and CNN’s GPS blog—garners some additional eyeballs and attention.  (NB: We receive no direct financial benefit from any of these relationships.  Blogging isn’t making any of us any money.)

We thank the Prospect for their interest and patronage.

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