Collaboration with the APSA Political Economy Newsletter

We are pleased to announce a new feature here at The Monkey Cage that we hope will serve as a model for others in the future. More specifically, we are going to collaborate with Scott Gehlbach and Lisa Martin, the new editors of the APSA Political Economy Section Newsletter, to make select articles from each issue of the newsletter – which is currently only available to memebers of the section – available to the wider public through The Monkey Cage. Scott and Lisa write:

As editors of The Political Economist, the newsletter of APSA’s Section on Political Economy, we are happy to announce a new relationship with the Monkey Cage that will make select newsletter content available to readers who are not section members. We are excited by this opportunity to further public discussion of political economy, and we hope that readers of the Monkey Cage will take the opportunity to leave comments on each issue.

The current issue of The Political Economist focuses on the global financial crisis, with essays by Jeffrey Frieden (“A Classic Foreign Debt Crisis”), David Andrew Singer (“Is This Time Different?”), and Ernesto Zedillo (“The Importance of Macroeconomic Policy Coordination”). Mark Copelovitch adds a column on “What to Read” for further information on the topic. Tomororw we will post the Singer article, and then Wednesday will we post the Copelovitch column. Members of the section may log in to APSA Connect to download the full newsletter.

If editors of other section newsletters are interested in setting up similar arrangements, please email me directly at joshua dot tucker at nyu dot edu.

2 Responses to Collaboration with the APSA Political Economy Newsletter

  1. Josh Wittner January 10, 2011 at 5:16 pm #

    What is the difference between this newsletter and those available at this site:

  2. Scott Gehlbach January 10, 2011 at 8:04 pm #

    @Josh Wittner: That, alas, is an out-of-date website. We’ll be moving the archive of previous issues over to a new website soon.