More Political Scientists on YouTube

W.W. Norton has added additional videos, supplementing those I noted in my first post.

  • Steve Ansolabehere (Harvard University) discusses the role of interest groups in American politics and how money affects political outcomes.
  • Ken Mayer (University of Wisconsin) discusses Presidential power and the user of executive orders.
  • Michael McCann (University of Washington) discusses his and Gerald Rosenberg’s research on the Impact of litigation and courts on American politics.
  • Larry Bartels (Princeton University) “discusses” social policy and its effect on income inequality.
  • Navin Bapat (University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill) “discusses” his and John Mueller’s research on terrorism its effect on foreign policy.
  • Bill Bianco (Indiana University) and David Canon (University of Wisconsin) discuss how political scientists do what they do—how they develop research questions and apply method in order to answer them.
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