• George Will is only half-right on whether Democrats wanted FDR to be more conservative. Political scientists Adam Berinsky and Eric Schickler assist in the fact-check.

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  1. Adam S. July 24, 2010 at 12:39 pm #

    Good Bollinger piece. It was essentially a watered-down version of McChesney and Nichols’ new book-length argument (which, for understandable reasons, was not mentioned in the WSJ). I just finished using the M&N book in my Media and Politics summer class, a class taken mostly by journalism majors at a fairly conservative university. Based on the reaction there, I’d say the idea of enhanced public funding for journalism has a strong chance of being taken seriously. However, Bollinger, M&N, et. al., need to be much clearer and more compelling as to how the funding won’t compromise the media’s independence from government.