Lee Must Have Attended So Many Boring Meetings

by John Sides on December 27, 2009 · 2 comments

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Another glance at Lee’s vita reveals something almost as intimidating as his record of publication: his record of service. Here is my back-of-the-envelope count of how Lee served universities and the discipline:


  • Dean: 1 stint (4 years)
  • Department Chair: 2 stints (11 years)
  • Director of Graduate Studies: 2 stints (6 years)
  • Interim or Acting Director of something: 2 stints
  • Committee chair: 10 different committees (of varying lengths of service)
  • Committee member: 26 different committees


  • NSF, Director of Political Science Program: 1 stint (2 years)
  • NSF, Panel Member: 5 different panels
  • Journal editor: 2 stints (12 years)
  • Deputy journal editor: 1 stint (6 years)
  • Editorial board member: 8 different journals
  • Organization president: 2 stints
  • Member of organization council: 12 stints
  • Conference chair or section organizer: 7 stints
  • External reviewer for department or program: 14 stints

It’s no surprise, then, that Lee won both the American Political Science Association’s 2007 Frank J. Goodnow Distinguished Service Award and GW’s 2008 Trachtenberg Prize for Service. His commendation for the Goodnow Award says:

Mentor, public servant, and teacher, Lee Sigelman selflessly dedicated himself to political science for over three decades, serving his colleagues and future scholars with his incredible energy and willingness to promote the broader profession and the Association.


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